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 26 лютого 2011 року о 19.00 у Будинку вчителя (м. Київ, вул. Володимирська, 57) відбудеться концерт, присвячений світлій пам'яті легендарного бандуриста, засновника і панотця Київського кобзарського цеху Миколи Петровича Будника. У концерті братимуть участь його учні та друзі. Чекаємо тих, хто знав Миколу Петровича та шанує його світлу пам'ять, а також усіх небайдужих.

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MICHAEL ALPERT & JULIAN KYTASTY in concert in Jerusalem

18 жовтня 2010 р. · 20:00 - 22:30

Springer Auditorium, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Dear Friends,
You are cordially invited to the Middle East premiere of
…Ballads, Folksongs and Instrumental Music from the East European Jewish and Ukrainian Traditions

created and performed by


Mon, Oct 18, 8:00 PM
Springer Auditorium
The Israel Museum

Concert admission is FREE and the concert is open to the public.

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Michael Alpert and Julian Kytasty: Night Songs from a Neighbouring Village
September 6, 2010

Heirs to the legacy of folk bards innumerable and informed by the spirit of Bártok, Kodály, Stravinsky and other modernist national composers, Michael Alpert and Julian Kytasty continue to enrich their heritage musics with new compositions and arrangements that merge tradition and innovation. We draw sustenance from the deep wellsprings of Ukrainian folk and liturgical song, the virtuosic art of the bandura (Ukrainian lute-harp), and three Jewish musical genres that reached their greatest European flowering on the soil of Ukraine: klezmer music, Yiddish folk song and the music of the Hasidic world. Along with the Jewish cantorial tradition, these three great art forms of the Yiddish world have nourished each other while interacting closely with the diverse musical styles of non-Jewish neighbors. Night Songs continues that interaction in the present day thru music, personal tale and commentary, and multimedia projection. Featuring Michael Alpert (vocals, violin, accordion) and Julian Kytasty (Banduras, Voice, Sopilka).

Prices Everyone: FREE